The collagen

                Collagen is the most abundant protein in all mammals. The word collagen means « producer of glue » from the Greek « kolla ». It's a very strong protein because one collagen fibre of a diameter of one millimetrer is capable to withstand a load of 10 kg before breaking! It's thus a protein very resistant.

                Collagen is a fibrous glycoprotein composed of three strand polypeptides which are in turn each composed of 1050 amino acids. These strands can combine differently to produce different types of collagen located in different organs. There are at least 27 types of collagen, but the most widely is the type I which situate mainly in connective tissues, bones, skin, tendons, corneas and intern organs. These three strands called tropocollagen, are made up by three strands each of them constituted of the following amino acids:

           - glycine (it repeats herself all three positions)              
           - proline
           - hydroxylysine
           - hydroxyproline
           - …

             All strands are joined by hydrogen bond between glycerine and hydroxyproline. A strand of tropocollagen seems like a long  and thin cable of a length of 300nm and a diameter of 1,5nm.

  Now we know what collagen is made of. We're going to see how gelatine is formed.





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