History of gelatine :

  Gelatine was first used in Egyptian times. Indeed, traces of gelatine were found in a pharaoh grave, in the second age before our time, in the form of glue. On top of that, many representations of consumption of meat, fish or fruit in aspic, during the ancient banquets, were discovered. Nevertheless, the definition of the gelatin is made clear some centuries after, around 1400.

The word "gelatine" comes originally from Latin word "gelatus" and means "jellied, froze". It has been used in Europe, after the French Denis Papin (1647-1712) developed, in 1682, a process of baking to produce a gelatinous pastry, obtained from bones of animals.

  However, it's in England, in 1754, that the first patent was submitted; it concerned the manufacturing of the gelatine. This patent was about the manufacturing of woodman's glue, in the sector of adhesive matters.

  During the Continental Blockade (XIX century), the gelatine was recognized in France for its nutritive values.

  In 1845, powdered gelatine mix was patent by Peter Cooper, an industrial (US Patent 4084).

  In 1871, Richard Leach Maddox, an English doctor innovated in the photography. He created a

which its sensibility is like a wet collodion. This discovery has enabled to reduce the time of exposure.



  Finally, the years of 1875, is substantial, thanks to the modernisation of the manufacture of gelatine in small firms, a largest industrial production of gelatin was possible.

  Since ancient times, the handcrafted manufacture doesn't cease to exist. Gelatine is a simple ingredient to produce, because if you boiled up bones or skin (as baking a stew or a boiled beef) in your dishes, you produce gelatine.

  The industrial manufacture has developed too and has leaded to sophisticated products, to alimentary, pharmaceutical and technical applications.  

  The Jelly, the English dessert, which has a weird texture, is baking from gelatine. The more important brands of Jelly are Hartley's, Jell-O and Aeroplane Jelly.


 Hartley's is a British brand; it markets marmalades, jams and jellies, of course ! It was created by Sir William Pickles Hartley, and in 1874, the manufacture of jelly began.



  Jell-O is a brand name belonging to the American group Kraft Foods. In 1902, its owner, Woodward, wrote that Jelly was the "America's Most Famous Dessert". It has been developed and, now, the choice of flavor and color is very large.


  Aeroplane Jelly, is an Australian brand created by Bert Appleroth. In 1917, he formed a company and in 1926, he named the brand Aeroplane Jelly because he was a fan of aeroplanes. From this moment on, Aeroplane Jelly has been developed and became a national then international brand. 

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