Anglo-saxon Advertisings :

  Jelly became famous, notably, thanks to the advertisings, in the form of posters, songs or televised advertisings. Ads must to be attractive.

  There are many posters created by Jell-O, we have selected a few.

Jell-O, created in the beginning of the last century, has designed ads in the form of posters, moreover we notice that many of their are in black and white. Then, in the 60's, televised ads were created. These ads show the funny character of the jelly's texture, as well as every benefits of its, like the easely and quickly preparation or its excellent taste which is loved by everybody. The weird texture of the jelly is very tackled in ads, so its singular and funny character is showcased.


  Jell-O was declared, in 1902, the "America's Most Famous Dessert" and we can found this sentence on some posters of this brand. The characters are often children or women. On every poster, we can read a small story, which is written to show the benefits of the jelly in a funny form.


  On this poster, children are sad and disappointed because they don't have jelly to eat. Poor Children..


  On this poster, we can read : "When I'm eating Jello-O I wish I were a giraffe...because when it slides down your throat...and giraffes have longer throats for it slide down !". We can found this type of sentence on others ads with a mule or an elephant. The animals are loved by children and this reference show every good assets of the Jell-O.


  Aeroplane Jelly, has created a song, in 1930, which became famous, these are the lyrics :

I like Aeroplane Jelly, Aeroplane Jelly for me.
I like it for dinner, I like it for tea,
A little each day is a good recipe!
The quality's high, as the name will imply,
It's made from pure fruit - one more good reason why
I like Aeroplane Jelly, Aeroplane Jelly for me!

  Up to that time, this song has been popularized and is known of many people. The jelly became famous with entertainment and easiness. In 1938, we can see a little girl who is seesawing and singing the official song.




 In 1948, Bertie, a small aeroplane, became the icon of the brand, we can see it in many televised ads which were diffused during the interval at the cinema. We have found few posters of this brand because it was created in the same time of the television, so this invention was used to market.


  In the ads of Aeroplane Jelly and Jell-O, we can see a lot of children because they are the first consum of jelly. Likewise, their odd, coloured ads are funny, attractive and pleasant. The television has been used to diffuse the Jelly. So, now, it is known around the world and the jelly is coming in France as we can see with this french ad: Mister Jelly, which has always its play character with its texture.






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