To answer to this problem, we can first say that Englishmen include gelatine in lot of course notably in jelly which is the most English dessert known. We had to answer the second part of the question: How?

  Englishmen keep their gelatinous dishes upright thank to the main ingredient which makes up: gelatine. Its structure is singular; the proteins which constitute her bond them to form a gel which contains surfactant molecules which spark off the posture of the gelatin. Its structure doesn’t depend a lot of the pH, it allows to bake dishes with acid and basic ingredients, but it depends of the warmth, Englishmen like the others bakers, must to serve them cold. Moreover, enzymes contained in certain fruits modify the posture of the jelly, fruits must have been first boiled to denaturized enzymes and then we could cook a lot of delicious dishes of many different savors.

  These TPE taught us a lot of things about Jelly and about gelatine.

  From a cultural perspective at first, we studied reasons for a great popularity in England. Discovering foreign ads and foreign recipes have provoked a great desire for openess in us. From a scientific point of view, we understood where gelatine comes from, how it is produced, of what it is constituted, how it jellifies liquids and finally, all its properties. While elaborating some scientific demonstrations from the beginning to the end without knowing where we were going, we learned how to solve difficulties and we have also developped a rigorous interest for experimentation.

  Understanding by ourselves how things work. Finally, translating our thoughts into a foreign tongue, allowed us to get rid of our doubts and embark ourselves into this great adventure.
We're proud of our work, in spite of the stress and the difficulties, and especially very proud of our trilingual group.
We hope that you have enjoyed our website and that you have learnt a few things.
Alexia, Constance, Maren and Marielle.

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