Trifle..."That most wonderful object of domestic art called trifle...with its charming confusion of cream and cake and almonds and jam and jelly and wine and cinnamon and froth." (an American author about the trifle)


• One sponge cake of a diameter of 16 cm or sponge fingers
• 160 ml of port wine
• 180 ml of boiling water
• 160 ml of cold water
• 85 g of red gelatine
• 2 table spoons of sugar
• 1 package of custard powder
• 500 ml of milk
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla aroma
• 850 g peaches, sliced in pieces
• 250 ml of cream
• 45 g icing sugar
• 250 g of strawberries


o Cut the sponge cake into pieces of 2 cm and pour the port wine over them.
o Mix the gelatine with the boiling water and add, after a while, the cold water.
o Pour the mixture into a cake pan and place in the fridge until the gelatine has jellified.
o Prepare a pudding out of the sugar, the custard powder and the milk.
o Cut first the gelatine into cubes and layer it over the sponge cake pieces, then the peaches.
o Pour the pudding over it and place all in the fridge for 20 minutes, until the pudding is constant.
o Beat the single cream with the icing sugar and pour it over the cake.
o Then garnish with strawberries.

Some Background information:

The word "trifle" comes from the old French term "trufle" and literally means "of little consequence". Other names for different versions of this kind of cake are also "Tipsy Squire", "Pudding", "Tipsy Cake" or "Tipsy Hedgehog".
The difference mostly is that the original trifle is made with fresh cake while the derivatives are made of dried cake.
It was in the mid-1700s that cake, alcohol and custard were combined in the trifle bowl. The recipe for trifle came to America via the British who settled in the coastal South and its popularity over the world grew more and more.
Today there are even other European desserts, such as the Italian "Zuppa Ingles" which means "English soup" or the Spanish dessert called "Bizcocho Borracho", which can easily be attributed to the "original English trifle".

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